In addition to traditional marketing research methodologies, such as Attitude and Usage, Customer Satisfaction, Focus Groups, and Conjoint Analysis, we have developed a set of proprietary research tools that have been proven to be predictive in creating new growth even for tired, mature products and brands.

They have turned around failing products, created new ones, and even helped create entire new businesses. They were developed as a result of more than 15 years of study and hard lessons in real-world testing of the Alpha Factor model.

Categories of Our Tools

Market Diagnostics: Competitive Analysis, Growth Opportunity Assessment

Early warning and trend tracking (spot positive or negative trends long before final sales outcomes)

Finding and attracting more profitable customers

Brand values and your opportunities to strengthen or extend them

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Purchase The Alpha Factor today.

Learn what we discovered through a 15-year research project into what really creates sustainable market dominance. What we discovered was the basis for creating billions of dollars in new growth for companies ranging in size from the Fortune 100 to mid-sized marketers. Learn More.