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We provide predictive market diagnostics and innovation facilitation that drive short-term, as well as long-term results.

If you want to know what is really happening in customers’ minds as they make buying decisions, we have the methodologies to help you discover it. If you want to know how you can quickly and sustainably become more dominant in your category — becoming the “first choice” of more customers who will pay more for the privilege of buying from you, we have the methods to uncover that, as well. We use both traditional research methodologies and proprietary models for identifying ways to create dramatic, disruptive growth or for uncovering new market opportunities.

Whatever your marketing research and customer insights needs, we can help you get more immediately useful and more predictive insights for improving sales and profit results now, not just two or three years from now. We uncover opportunities to drive greater customer loyalty and price leverage from all aspects of your business. We can help you look further into the future and give you deeper analysis of current customer behavior and unmet needs that can drive new growth now.

Return on investment doesn’t come some time in the future. Companies using our research typically see positive return on investment in just a few months.


On the innovation side…

Our model for discovering unstated, unmet needs that may have often never been revealed by customers in your category has created dramatic growth for even market dominant organizations. We then facilitate innovation with your internal team to ultimately create immediately usable options that we test using a proven assessment methodology that has created entire new businesses and dozens of successful new products.

We work with you to get the research that uncovers the opportunities and then helps you build the “business case” for addressing them, including the results of reactions from targeted end-users to the strategies being recommended.

Our strategic analysts and consultants have had hands-on experience in practical innovation and/or business management. We aren’t just theoretical researchers here. We’ve had to live with what we’ve recommended, so we’ve learned what really works in the real world and what doesn’t.


On the market diagnostics side…

We provide the same kind of focus to spot growth opportunities through deep competitive analysis, while tracking results of your previous efforts. We go beyond the obvious to spot opportunities for creating dramatic, sustainable growth without the need for discounting.

No matter what kind of marketing research you ask us to do, we bring the same depth of experience to the analysis, so you can actually use the insights you get from us.


Here are some of the most common areas in which we work:

  • Competitor analysis and growth opportunities assessments
  • Early trends identification and analysis
  • Product innovation and testing with customers
  • Communications innovation and testing
  • Customer attitudes insights
  • Unmet needs discovery
  • Drivers of decisions analysis (current and future)
  • Sales analysis and improvement insights
  • Sales process analysis and improvement insights
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Distribution analysis
  • New product opportunity identification
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Brand building insights
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Purchase The Alpha Factor today.

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