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You can grow your company, no matter what the economy is doing, even if you have not grown in years. Just because the economy gets bad doesn’t mean people are not spending money. You just need to make sure they are spending it with you.

The secret is in knowing how to change customer expectations. Most of our research focuses upon identifying short-term opportunities to grow sales and profit. We don‘t just identify long-term growth opportunities. We know how to get the marketplace to define workable, immediately implementable strategies.

We have helped organizations ranging in size from the Fortune 100 to medium-sized regional companies create dramatic new growth, even when no growth had been experienced in more than a decade. And that has been in good economies as well as bad ones.

Why have our research methodologies been successful in creating growth while most research has little positive impact? There are two key reasons:

  1. Our research uncovers the expectations that customers wish they could have, so you can create ways to give that to them, and
  2. We get far deeper in uncovering both the real unstated drivers of decisions, as well as the drivers customers wish they could be using to make buying decisions.

If you have decided that marketing research cannot give you the short-term results that you need to survive and thrive now, here are some of the results we have been able to achieve:

  • The U.S. Department of the Treasury used our research and analysis to discover how to turn around a 10-year decline for U.S. Savings Bonds to generate double digit growth without paid advertising in less than 6 weeks from launch.
  • Subway Sandwiches and Salads used our research and analysis to discover how to more than double per-store sales, while reducing discounting, in less than two months.
  • A regional brand of a national food marketer used our research and analysis to discover how to more than double its market share, while reducing discounting, in just three months.

Since 1982, The Ball Group has been focused on helping marketers identify new growth opportunities that will drive sustainable dominance. To accomplish that we provide both forward-looking marketing research and strategic innovation facilitation that looks at both short-term and long-term potential strategies.

Our predictive model for creating and assessing successful new strategic approaches goes far beyond the obvious, superficial answers where most research stops. Our methodologies have proven themselves capable of uncovering unstated, unmet needs at a level that reveals things customers may have never revealed to anyone else. The result is that you uncover secrets that no one else has.

Check out our toolbox of research tools that provide both the growth opportunity assessment and the tracking tools to drive new growth in any economy and to help you sustain it over time.

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Purchase The Alpha Factor today.

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